Saturday, June 5, 2010

Congressman Kilili Sablan recognizes first 11 CNMI Doctors

Historic Saipan Hospital
On Saturday June 4, 2010 at the CHC Saipan Hospital, Congressman Kilili Sablan honored the first 11 CNMI Doctors. Dr. Calistro Camacho Cabrera, 79, and Dr. Carlos Sablan Camacho, 72, were present to receive a framed copy of a congressional record that Delegate Gregorio Kilili C. Sablan entered on May 11, 2010, paying tribute to the CNMI's first 11 local doctors and dentists.

John Torres Flores, the grandson of Dr. Jose Diaz Torres, the CNMI's first local doctor stated “One of the things I remember most about my grandfather is that he really served as a doctor 24/7. People walked to my grandfather's house in Chalan Kanoa all the time to be treated for many kinds of ailments, even at night, and that's the true meaning of 24/7 job. I remember he was called 'the peoples doctor',”

Other doctors that were honored include Dr. Jose Torres Villagomez, Dr. Helen Taro, Dr. Manuel Manibusan Aldan and Dr. Juan Charfauros Reyes, both dentists; and Dr. Jose Lujan Chong, Dr. Francisco Taman Palacios, and Dr. Benusto Rogolifoi Kaipat.

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