Saturday, June 5, 2010

Marianas Baptist Missionary passes NCLEX PN Exam

way to go Emmanual College Graduate Nursing
Li Li, a Chinese Emmanuel College Practical Nursing stduent, and Marianas Baptist Academy Missionary recently passed the NCLEX exam on her first try. Li Li is an August of 2009 practical nursing graduate. Li said she plans to seek employment at the Commonwealth Health Center or other private clinics on the island. Congratulations, and I wish her well in her employment search.

I am trying to keep track of any new CNMI laws or bills, but it appears that no one realizes that both the CNMI Labor Law (private employers) and 3 CMC 4434 (government employers) prohibit the hiring any nonresident worker without 2 years of experience. There was an exception in public law 15-45 which allowed NMC graduates to work at CHC, however that exemption expired on January 1, 2010 and was never renewed. Since most private employers are afraid of the CNMI DOL umbrella permit position, and CHC is a government agency, until the CW regulations are issued, these new graduates and NCLEX passers are in a terrible position.

Additionally, does anyone realize that the CNMI Board of Nursing will issue a graduate PN License to any Emmanual College graduate that is good for 1 year? I have never heard of any nurses working under the provisional license.

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