Thursday, January 14, 2010

Three New NCLEX Passers from Northern Marianas College

Northern Marianas College
click to read full article in the Saipan Tribune

Congratulations to Genevieve Bahatan, Ji Sook (Julia) Kim, and Emily Young. The article states that the 3 are part of the 8 first time NCLEX passers from the May, 2009 graduating class.

I'm not sure what options are currently available for non-resident nursing graduates. PL 15-45, the law waiving the 2 year experience requirement for CHC nurses only applied to hires before December 31, 2009. No local clinic can hire a nurse without experience because HB 16-208 was never enacted into law. Local lawmakers may want to reconsider allowing the NMC, Emmanual College and the University of Loyola-CNMI graduates who have studied for years, spent months studying to attempt to pass the U.S. licensing exam permission to work.


KAP said...

You might be interested in this blog.

Pacific Home Health Care said...

Thanks for the blog link. The blog did have some good information about H1B visas for nurses. Problem is that I haven't heard of any CNMI or Guam employers hiring under the unlimited H-visa caps. Once the umbrella permits expire, the H-visas will be widely used.