Sunday, December 6, 2009

Philippines POEA approves 51 job vacancies for nurses and PT's in Saipan

As of November 19th, the Philippine POEA, their version of the CNMI department of labor certified 51 positions for nurses and physical therapists for Saipan. I recall earlier a job posting on the CNMI Department of Labor website about Marianas Medical Institute with $20/hr nurse vacancies, so I guess this is related to that. It still seems strange that with all the unemployment and underemployment of nurses on Saipan that we would need an additional 51 nurses and physical therapists.

The website for the recruitment agency is 21st Century Manpower Resources and they were approved to hire 51 nurses on November 19, 2009 as confirmed on the POEA website, and the jobs are still active.

With hundreds of thousands of nurses in the Philippines I wonder if there is a company out there that is taking advantage of the Unlimited H-visas for the CNMI and plans to recruit for the mainland hospitals and nursing homes, by having securing a H-visa and they having them transfer to a mainland affiliated company?

Updated 4/16/11 ***************
Due to the CNMI blockage of the CW-Transitional Worker Visa Regulations, there have been zero off-island hires since November of 2009. The United States USCIS orginally stated they would have the regulations released by September of 2010 and that date was pushed back until March of 2011. Since March as already come and gone, there is no update when the regulations will finally be issued. Depending on the new regulations there may or may not be a number of new off-island hires from the Philippine and other neighboring Asian countries for employment in Saipan.

21st Century Manpower


Nursing Jobs Abroad said...

"I really wonder where these jobs are for? Are they for the CHC hospital in Saipan or for a "new" company that does not yet exist?"

If the company does not exist, then why the hell did you post the same nursing jobs vacancy on your blog? Are you a moron?

Pacific Home Health Care said...

Nursing Jobs Abroad said...

"If the company does not exist, then why the hell did you post the same nursing jobs vacancy on your blog? Are you a moron?"

I don't know where the jobs are for and I live in Saipan, however they may in fact be legitimate. Due to federalization issues on Saipan, all off-island hires for non-skilled workers are on hold. Unlimited H-visas are available for R.N. nurses however they would have to offer prevailing wage rates and would have to advertise to show that no U.S. workers are available. I don't think that that many nurses are needed at any established company or new company for that matter, but I was personally approached about recruiting foreign workers from a "consultant", who could be doing recruiting for all clinics and the hospital. Depending on the new CW worker regulation which should be out around February, there may be some new positions for LPN and ADN NCLEX passers and home health aides.