Sunday, December 13, 2009

11 nursing students graduate LPN program

Emmanuel College

Eleven graduates had their pinning and candlelight ceremony on December 12, 2009 at the PIC Saipan. The graduates were Nolie Labadan, Pauline Perez, Doris Cruz, Wu Xia, Yvette Cruz, Doreen Solomon, Lovely Eclevia, Chandel Canarez, Farrah Louise S. Sison, Qi Wang and Nan Yu.

Under the CNMI Nurse Practive Act, a Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurse” means a person in the practice of nursing as a Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurse with a directed scope of nursing practice that shall include, but not limited to:
(1) Contributing to the health status of individuals and groups;
(2) Participating in the development and modification of strategy of care;
(3) Implementing the appropriate aspects of strategy of care as defined by the Board;
(4) Maintaining safe and effective nursing care rendered directly or indirectly;
(5) Participating in the evaluation of responses to interventions; and
(6) Delegating nursing interventions to qualified others as provided in this chapter.
The Licensed Practical/ Vocational Nurse practices under the direction of the Licensed Registered Nurse, Licensed Advanced Practiced Registered Nurse, Licensed Physician, or Licensed Dentist in the performance of activities delegated by that health care professional.

Unlike the Saipan Tribune, I agree with the CNMI Nurse Practice Act, and believe that LPN's go way beyond administering basic nursing care.

This was the third batch of Emmanuel College nursing graduates. The first November class had 20 graduates, the second August class had 13 graduates, and this class had 11. Due to the current law that only CHC can hire inexperienced nurses, many previous graduates are having a tough time with employment. I actually expect the market for LPN's to increase due to possibly allowing the CW visa (if it ever is approved) to hire the graduates in private clinics.

I would like to congratulate all the new graduates, and wish everyone good luck on the NCLEX exam.


Richard said...

I would like to get more information about Emmanuel College.

Pacific Home Health Care said...

I'm not sure why Richard's name has a link to the Florida Insitute. For students in the CNMI the only online nursing school that I would recommend would be Excelsior College. They have an LPN to RN bridge program that will count credits from a previous bachelor's degree and you can bridge from LPN to RN in as little as 6 months.

As for more information on Emmanuel College, you can check out their website at:

LPN Nursing San Mateo said...

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