Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Talk of Recruiting Doctors from the Philippines for CHC hospital in Saipan

Dialysis Center Saipan

Department of Public Health is asking for an extension of the State of Emergency, and claim that they are planning on recruiting doctors from the Philippines soon.

The Saipan Tribune article in reference to recruitment is impossible. It states that they are hoping to hire Philippine doctors soon. I don't have a problem with recruiting doctor's from the Philippines, but currently there is no procedure to hire ANYONE from off-island. Since the Governor has temporarily halted the CW visa, we are looking at possibly February before the comment period is over and the final CW rules are out. Then it would take months before a visa could theortically be approved, and then the doctors would have to have an interview and arrange to come to Saipan. Best case scenario would be early summer and that is not soon.

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