Wednesday, June 2, 2010

CHC Hospital Saipan wants to recruit under J1 visa: submits request for Conrad 30 J1 Waiver

As an update to the severe physician shortage at the Commonwealth Memorial Hospital, "CHC" in Saipan, it appears that things are starting to improve. The CHC hospital recently hired 4 doctors, including an anesthesiologist and a family practitioner, and it is my understanding they are currently waiting for a doctor to finish his residency prior to starting employment in May of 2011. Formerly, it seemed as though CHC hospital was trying everything in its power to hire doctors without increasing their salary. There was even serious discussion about abolishing USMLE restrictions to hire experienced physicians from abroad. From the recent hires of up to $250,000 per year, it seems that CHC hospital and the CNMI Department of Public Health have conceded that they must increase the salary scale enacted 20 years ago in 1993.

There are a number of advantages in working in Saipan. Many hospitals require doctors to pay for malpractice insurance which can cost upwards of $30,000 USD per year. Also taxes in the U.S. mainland can eat up 25% of a physician salary. In Saipan there is a rebate of up to 90% of the income taxes and malpractice insurance does not exist. Malpractice suits are capped at $100,000 and are covered by the CNMI government. Due to the easy access to Asian countries and travel opportunities, and under served area status for U.S. applicants and J1 status for foreign applicants, the CNMI is a great deal for a practicing physician even if the salary is less than the mainland.  For more info, read article in the Saipan Tribune.

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