Friday, May 28, 2010

Emmanuel College (Saipan) Valedictorian Passes NCLEX Exam

not the Emmanuel College Saipan

Read Article in Marianas Variety

We would like to congratulate Leonora Angello for passing the NCLEX PN exam on her first try. Unlike many nursing schools in the mainland, Emmanuel College offers students an opportunity to take nursing classes without years of prerequisites and it a great idea for students here on Saipan.

I have previously written about PL 15-45, the law waiving the 2 year experience requirement for CHC non-resident nurses who attended northern marianas college EXPIRING on December 31, 2009, however it doesn't appear that anyone is concerned. PL 15-45 doesn't apply to Leonora Angello, since she is a U.S. resident worker, and hopefully she can find employment at CHC or a local clinic.

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