Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Call Pacific Home Health Care (670) 234-CARE, within 24 hours of childbirth for no-cost* postpartum home health visits

Pacific Home Health Care, LLC., would like to provide support to mothers and babies in their home environment. We offer home care nursing follow-up after the birth of your baby in your home.

* Assessing and monitoring maternal physical and emotional recovery.
* Teaching the mother to care for the physical and emotional changes which occur during the post partum period.
* Assisting with the initiation of breast feeding and providing support to promote its success.
* Fostering positive parent/infant relationships.
* Teaching about the needs and care of the newborn and siblings.
* Evaluate the baby on growth and development and assess for any abnormalities that may require further investigation and/or assessment by a physician.
* Evaluate maternal status with regard to the normal processes after delivery.
* Assess and support integration of the baby into the home environment.
* Review plans for future health maintenance and care, including routine infant immunizations, identification of illness and periodic health evaluations.
* Coordinating care among the family’s health care providers and community resources.

*Hospitals, Physicians, Family, Friends or caregiver referrals are accepted. Referral must be 24 hours of childbirth and doctor's order for home health services must be received within 48 hours of delivery. Most private insurance accepted. For any further information contact us at (670) 234-CARE(2273).

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