Monday, June 21, 2010

Blu e-cigarettes offer an alternative to smoking in the CNMI

The CNMI has begun to crack down on smoking which is a definite health risk. Back in September, Governor Fitial signed the "Smoking Act of 2008" into law. Smoking is currently banned in almost all public places with the exception of bars, and casinos. Smoking tobacco is linked to all types of cancer, and can release up to 4000 toxins into the body aside from nicotine, 60+ are known to be carcinogenic.

E-cigarettes have been around since 2003, however they are just becoming widely accepted. The "Blu" brand is a company in Charlotte, North Carolina that has been aggressivein marketing the e-cigarettes in the United States (made in China to U.S. standards). In Manila, smoking e-cigarettes have become so popular that there are signs posted in public places that smoking is banned "except for e-cigarettes".

E-cigarettes produce a vapor similar to fog machines and are the closest thing to actually smoking. It does contain nicotine, however it leaves out the 4000+ toxins that can cause a number of long term health problems. While the effects of taking pure nicotine have not been completely studied, it would appear that nicotine without many of the harmful chemicals is relatively better than smoking real cigarettes. Now only if they were sold here in the CNMI.

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E. Cigs said...

The child has personality disorder and needs therapy. He indeed knows well how to smoke or hold cigarett, being even very playfool.

Pacific Home Health Care said...

I didn't understand your comment.

Clickacig - Buy Ecigs said...

I think the earlier commenter is referring to cigarettes being basically easy to influence children? Still, it shouldn't be the case, cause it is the responsibility of stores not to sell them to underage; moreover it is also the responsibility of the parent/s or guardian to guide them away from it. That's what I think...

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