Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Administration to take over hospital

Read article from the Marianas Variety

The goverment is set to declare a state of emergency to hire doctors from the Philippines. To become U.S. certified, normally a doctor will take the USMLE during his/her second year of medical school which will determine if he is able to attend a residency program in the United States. The residency program is a post-graduate program which after 4 years of college and 4 years of medical school can take from 1 year for general practice to 7 years for a surgeon to complete. Doctors from the Philippines that are not U.S. licensed either did not take the USMLE, or they did score well enough to obtain a U.S. residency.

Due to the pending federalization of the CNMI, I will say that the timing of the E.O. is perfect. The doctors can be hired without regard to the prevailing wage rates of the H-Visa, and can save quite a bit.

Guam Prevailing Wage for Physicians and Surgeons
Level 1 Wage: $51.72 hour - $107,578 year
Level 2 Wage: $65.33 hour - $135,886 year

The level 1 wage is for no experience. This is a great fix for 2 years, however, I question whether this can continue after their 2 year contracts are up and CHC will have to get H-Visas not only for the Doctors, but a large percentage of their medical staff.

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