Monday, August 3, 2009

Hospitals in Philippines exploiting nurses

-This is an excerpt from forum

"I have actually experienced this...

it's been almost 2 years and i still haven't landed a nursing job here in the philippines. A colleague told me to choose between working in a call center or practicing my profession (at least). So we went to this big training hospital to ask if there are any vacancies, and bluntly, they said, they froze hiring of nurses!! This had been continuously happening to all the hospitals. I have submitted tons of cvs,resumes to a lot of hospitals in metro manila, baguio, pangasinan, tarlac, still there's no luck. I also have completed a lot of trainings like BLS/ACLS, IV training, dialysis and stuff, but still no luck.

So what's an unexperiend, unemployed nurse gotta do? I had no choice but to pay the government hospital at least P1,000/month, not to mention the long line of aspiring volunteer nurses! I even had to get my name listed at 2am because i may run out of possible slots. This issue was already televised, however, I wonder how these hospitals got away so easily.they claimed that wht they offer is a "training course", not a volunteer's still the same...

I just want to comment on what the government and other people say about the large number of nursing opportunities abroad. It's really very can you (the government) have the guts to say that well in fact you know for sure that employers abroad require at least 2 years hospital experience. And how would that be possible if:
1. Most employers do not count volunteerism as a hospital experience
2. Local hospitals only accept volunteers
3. We still have to pay most hospitals just to volunteer
4.Paying to become a volunteer does not even guarantee employment

On the lighter side, without these hospitals asking for payment, where can we still get hospital experience...


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07/02/2009 1:29 AM"

-----The saddest part is that due to the economy in the U.S. more and more nursing schools are popping up and there is less and less opportunity for foreign nurses to get jobs. Additionally the visas are taking 2-3 years at a minimum to process.

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