Monday, August 3, 2009

Discrepancy in salaries demoralizing local nurses

June 17, 2009 Saipan Tribune Article
"-For instance, Castro said, while an off-island recruit gets $40,000 per annum on top of benefits like housing allowance, a graduate of the Northern Mariana College would get only about $23,000 without the benefits."

All I can say is wow. A Registered Nurse that graduated from the only public college that offers a R.N. in nursing gets paid slightly over $10 with no benifits. And people wonder why nurses are leaving the island with some local nurses opting for endorsement in Oklahoma instead of CNMI.

-Prevailing wages in the CNMI ranges from $24,889.35 to $42,000 annually for RNs; $20,484.60 to $30,450 for LPNs; and $13,052.21 to $22,302.94 for NAs.

When federalization occurs, local nurses might get priority in hiring. You can hire a foreign nurse with 2 years experience for $12 an hour, why would you pay a local nurse with no experience any more. All new foreign hires after November 28th, 2009 will have be paid 40K a year or more. I wonder what will happen.

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