Saturday, April 16, 2011

Diabetic Shoes at No Cost

I was purchasing some New Balance merchandise at and I noticed that many of the shoes had a Medicare and HCPCS code. Although I have seen the bulky "Forest Gump" orthopedic shoes that were reimbursed, I never realized that sylish shoes such as new balance were available for reimbursement. Most "depth" shoes qualify for reimbursement. The depth shoes have extra room for a custom or non custom shoe insert and are deeper than regular shoes so that the ankle area is better cushioned and protected. Many New Balance shoes such as the New Balance MR993 model above are considered depth shoes and are fully approved for medicare reimbursement.

Why Do We Need Diabetic Shoes

It is estimated that over 55,000 diabetic patients have their feet and legs amputated in the United States each year. Many injuries in diabetic patients occur due to improper footwear. Average shoes can be rough on a diabetic. A patient can develop blisters and ulcers that can be extremely difficult to heal, could become infected, and lead to more serious problems. If someone is suffering from diabetes, their feet should be their primary concern.

Diabetic Shoe Qualifications

For eligibility for diabetic shoes, one has to be diagnosed as a diabetic, active and suffering from neuropathy in the lower extremities. Those are really the only actual requirements. You will need a doctor's order for reimbursement, and the doctor should be the primary physician or doctor responsible for treating the diabetes. Once you have a doctor's order, a certified shoe fitter, a certified pedorthist, or licensed podiatrist will need to make sure the shoes properly fit the client. Reimbursement for diabetic shoes falls under Medicare part B and one pair of shoes each year and up to 3 inserts are covered at 80%. Private insurance is often available to cover the remaining 20% cost of the shoes.  

Types Of Diabetic Shoes

This is no longer 1950, and many diabetic shoes are available in stlyish designs. You can find dress shoes, casual shoes, walking shoes, cross training shoes, and general comfort styles. Popular brands such as Drew, and New Balance have new styles that are similar to regular shoes on the market.

How Do I Get My Own Pair.

I would actually recommend searching online to find the type of shoes that you personally prefer and speak to you primary care doctor about whether diabetic footwear is right for you. You can also speak directly to a pharmacy or DME medical equiptment supplier (the ones that sell wheelchairs and scooters) who may be able to lead you into the right direction. I recently saw someone with a order who received some big bulky shoes and I'm sure they were never given the option of some New Balance 993 or more stylish designs. I would finding the shoes that you like, and then finding the provider of the shoes you like.



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