Sunday, July 11, 2010

Frequently Asked Home Health Questions

Q: What if I am unhappy with my current home care provider. Can I change to another agency like Pacific Home Health Care, LLC.?
A: Absolutely, you have a right to choose who provides your care. Your current provider can "transfer" your care to Pacific Home Health Care, LLC. and you will not lose your home health benefit.
Q: How do I get home health services?
A: Typically your doctor would recommend that you get home health care, however if you have a skilled nursing or therapy need and aren't well enough to go out and get those needs fulfilled you would typically qualify for the home health benefit. Call your doctor or Pacific Home Health Care, LLC. and we can typically advise if you qualify or not.
Q: Is my physician still involved with my care?
A: Yes, your physician manages all your care while in home health. The home health staff communicate and coordinate your care with your doctor via phone or faxed memo/notes.
Q: What does homebound mean?
A: Homebound means it takes considerable taxing effort for you to leave home; if you do leave home, it is for short trips to the doctor or church services or for once-in-a-lifetime events, such as weddings, funerals, specials & events.
Q: What are the criteria to qualify for the Medicare home health benefit?
A: You must have a skilled need; care must be provided in your place of residence; you must be under the care of a physician and you must be homebound and must have Medicare Part A. Many insurance companies pay for home health, also.
Q: What makes Pacific Home Health Care, LLC., better or different from other agencies?
A: Pacific Home Health Care, LLC., staff practice under the guidelines of consistency: One client - the same staff members throughout the course of care, reliability, dependable trustworthy staff that can be counted on to do what is ordered by your physician, and presence - fully attending to the needs of the clience from a holistic perspective
Q: Who pays for home health care?
A: If you require the skilled services of a nurse, physical therapist or speech therapist and you have Medicare Part A, then Medicare pays for home health care as long as you meet the criteria. Additionally many Medicare Advantage plans cover these services but require some co-pay level, check your plan documents.

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Pacific Home Health Care said...

Thanks for stopping by. We are always available to answer any specific questions by email or phone.