Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Creating a Postpartum Plan for Pregnant Mothers in Saipan

After creating a birth plan, the expectant mother should also create a postpartum plan. When developing a postpartum plan keep in mind:

•Recovery – how will the mother find help for recovery in the first weeks after baby? Will she have supplies on hand to ease aches and pains? Are there any recommendations from the doctor or midwife to follow?
•Sleep – how many hours did the mother sleep before pregnancy? What are some ways she can encourage more sleep?
•Meals – who will do the cooking in the first few days when mom and baby are primarily in bed together? What are some ways to make meal preparation easier during this time?
•Baby care – who can help with diaper changing, bathing and breastfeeding? Will the partner be enough or should a postpartum doula be hired for extra help?

Make a list of volunteers or family members that can assist the mother and hte assigned tasks. For those that may need private help, home health aides in conjunction with skilled nurses may be avialable at no-cost*. Give Pacific Home Health Care a call today at 670-234-CARE (2273) today for more information.

Arrange Baby Stations

Expectant mothers should plan in advance to keep the infant's care items handy around the house or apartment. In each room where the mother and infant will spend time, plan on the following stations:

•Diaper changing – fill a basket or bin with necessary items such as diapers, clean outfit, ointment, wipes and powder, refill daily or as needed.
•Sleeping – any items that will promote sleep such as a cuddly toy, blanket or lavender baby lotion.
•Feeding – for breastfeeding this may be pillows for propping mom and baby, a snuggly blanket and a bottle of water; for bottle feeding this will be clean bottles, formula and any important accessories.
•First aid – keep a first aid kit in several prominent locations around the house as well as any prescriptions the mother or baby are taking. Also keep a notepad next to the medications and write the date and time when medicine is taken to avoid over or under dosing due to sleep deprivation.

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