Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Show me the money! SEAS Nurses in Rota unpaid for 2 months

nurses show me the money

read article in Saipan Tribune

I'm not sure who is to blame. CNMI DOL sanctions SEAS for not paying $5,000 and the CNMI Government owes SEAS $200,000. How are they supposed to pay their nurses and their labor award. SEAS is responsible for medical referral transportation in Manila and subcontracts nurses in Tinian and Rota. Hopefully this problem can be resolved, and hopefully the nurses will be paid.


The Saipan Blogger said...

Shut down the clinic until they are paid. Stop providing services.

That would ensure they get paid tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Technically, I believe that the nurses should already have had their work permits revoked (due to unpaid labor award) and should not be returning to work. Normally, due to the fed's position on the umbrella permit it wouldn't matter, but since they are working at a government facility, I think the permit revocation does carry some weight.

The paper mentions the CNMI DOL, US DOL, governor and other officials are meeting to solve the problem. The problem is the government is not paying SEAS. I wonder if for whatever reason, someone is actually trying to shut down Henry Cruz and SEAS Agency altogether.