Friday, April 16, 2010

20.1 Million Budget for CHC in FY 2011

There was an article in today's paper about CHC eyeing 380 hospital employees for next year with a budget of 20.1 million. That is higher than last year's budget of 19.5 million, however 2009 expenses for CHC totaled 26.5 million. I fail to see how it is possible for the hiring of any new employees. Link in Saipan Tribune

Recently it does seem that the CHC has taken steps in the right direction in the administrative department. There have been 2 training classes in medical coding and their collections should be increasing. Additionally, CHC has recently opened up the idea for outsourcing some of their collection activities to private firms. With over 100 million in collections outstanding, hopefully, CHC and the CNMI Government will be able to tap into some of those funds.

Update 4/16/11*****************
Unfortunately, the medical coding classes have produced less than stellar collection efforts. Due in part to austerity measures, CHC collections have actually decreased. I was watching a local channel and a commercial appeared for reporting fraud in medicaid activities. I believe that the CNMI really needs to watch for improper and fraudulent kickbacks, steering and claims from physicians, health care companies, and their patients. The book, License To Steal: How Fraud bleeds america's health care system by Malcolm Sparrow is a great insight into how some of these fraudulent activities can occur and how they affect the funding of the health care system.

 CHC Hospital Saipan, CNMI

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