Thursday, December 24, 2009

CNMI Nursing Scholarship Bill 16-36 passed, and heads to Governor Fitial

eucon international school
see the full article in the Saipan Tribune

The bill would allow students to receive scholarship funding to attend nursing schools other than NMC.

"Babauta said there are schools other than Northern Marianas College that now offer nursing and other medical-related courses in the CNMI, including Emmanuel College, University of Loyola at CNMI, International Business and Professional College, and Eucon International School of Saipan, and American Mediscience University".

I was completely unaware that IBPC, Eucon and American Mediscience University were offering nursing or other medical-related courses. Plebotomists, Lab technicians, Medical Assistants, Dialysis Technicians are often found in Guam and Mainland Hospitals, and could be utilized here on Saipan as well.

2 years ago American Mediscience was having some "issues". Does anyone know how they are doing now?


KAP said...

Rep. Sablan has a good point about U.S. accreditation.

Pacific Home Health Care said...

I don't think that U.S. accreditation is the issue. Emmanuel College and University of Loyola CNMI are licensed as an educational institution by the CNMI and graduates are eligible to take the NCLEX exam.

NMC may be accredited by a U.S. body, in which they must maintain a 80% first time NCLEX pass rate, however their results are questionable. NMC issued a show cause over the summer see article page 25, Table 13:

due to their "lack of tracking" of graduates. In 2006-2007 26 people graduated the NMC nursing R.N. program, 17 people were tracked, and 15 of those tracked passed the NCLEX(May 2009) giving them a 88.24 percent NCLEX pass rate (when in reality we only know 57% passed). In 2007-2008 there were 12 graduates, 10 tracked and 9 passed the NCLEX giving them a 90% pass rate (when in reality we only know 75% passed).

The show cause was issued so that all graduates in the future will be tracked and specifically the first time test results opposed to a repeat test taker should also be tracked.

Pacific Home Health Care said...

I also wanted to add that most U.S. accredited schools use a exit exam process (similar to the NCLEX) to fail students otherwise eligible to graduate to keep their school's pass rates up.

satish said...

well thanks for this post, even i was completely unaware of IBPC program.