Thursday, August 6, 2009

Nursing Shortage is Now Nursing Surplus

(WorldNow, WICHITA, Kan.)

For years, you've heard of the nursing shortage across the United States - but now, it's the nursing surplus.
Hospitals have more nursing applicants than they have available jobs, as the graduating class of 2009 is finding out.
With less than 48 hours until they walk across a stage, 58 Wichita State nursing students finish up their final projects, and look to the next project - the job search.
The Class of 2009 faces a much different economic climate than the Class of 2007, which was almost guaranteed a job after graduation.
"Two years ago, we expected to be not quite handed a job, but we deserved it," said graduating senior Larissa Sadler. "We thought it would be an easy thing."
Now, things are much different. Ecstaci Neloms is one of 19 nursing students still looking for a nursing job. "I am up for hire," she said with a laugh. "Actively seeking employment," she smiled.
"Nursing is supposed to be - supposed to be - a recession proof job. I don't know if that phrase still holds true now," she said.
But what makes for a difficult job hunting situation on the WSU campus - makes for a great job hiring situation on the Wesley Medical Center campus.
Jennifer Carr rattles off the states she's received applications from: "Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Alaska, Arizona, California. It's an interesting situation to be in, but a very good one."
As the nurse recruiter for Wesley Medical Center, she sifts through all the applications that come in online. Since February, she's scrolled through about 250 applications. She has fewer than 30 positions to fill. "What I'm here to do is to bring the best of the best in nursing to our managers, so they can then interview, and hire the best of the best that's out there," explained Carr.
The best of the best usually have years of experience. So those starting out -- like the class of 2009 - may be left nursing a case of unemployment.
Area hospitals say they are not seeing an increase in nursing applications -- just a marked decrease in available jobs. Wesley Medical and Via Christi Hospitals say the open positions they do have - may not be where a student wants to specialize.

The recession in the U.S. is no where near as bad as Saipan, however it seems that new graduates in the mainland are having problems as well.


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