Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hogoc's Private Office at CHC

CHC Saipan
Dr. Larry Hocog has opened up a new office at CHC. He apparently hired his own staff out of his own pocket. It seems very convienient for patients. I hope that his office does well. It seems like opening up private offices may be a solution to the need of the hospital for doctors. If more doctors consider this option, the hospital may fix its shortage. There was an article about this in today's newspaper from Greg Cruz questioning whether it was okay for the doctor to have a private clinic. Strangely there was an article in the Variety last week quoting Cruz as saying he was shocked that there were only 2 doctors when he went to CHC (one of the doctors being Hocog), and that patients were waiting too long. Imagine if Hocog wasn't there.

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